Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, girl, you have our hearts. This city is like finding a slight tear the fabric of our universe and finding a teeny spot where absolutely everything is beautiful. The architecture, the landscaping, the people, the energy, all of it vibrant and inviting. The jewel of the city itself are the incredible hotels. Many of them built in the Spanish colonial style, centering around an open courtyard where rooms radiate off this central location. We fell so deeply in love with Hotel Meson de Maria we stayed there twice. We can’t recommend it enough- check the photos below!

(You may also notice one other crazy highlight- Luke hiked the Acatenango Volcano to take a closer look at the Fuego volcano- the most active volcano in the area. He went with a group while I stayed behind and did some cultural exploration… shopping, FINE, I went shopping. He had a blast and had nothing but great things to say about his adventure.)

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