Tikal (& a Li’L Flores)

You can’t research traveling to Guatemala without seeing ads pop up for cultural excursions to the ruins of Tikal. Tikal is a beautifully preserved Mayan village with it’s earliest remains dating back to 1000 BC. It’s massive and in order to explore the entirety of the space, you’d need 2-3 days. We took the recommendation of a friend and linked up with GEM Tours– a company that comes super highly rated on Trip Advisor (see for yourself!) We toured with a sweet sweet individual named Marlon who helped us spot three kinds of toucans, howler monkeys, various plant and insect species and a coati! See our trip below.

We spent the night prior and after our journey through Tikal in Flores at a hotel Casona de Isla. It was centrally located and had a pool – that’s all ya really need, isn’t it?

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