Puerto Escondido, baby

Ooooo Puerto. The magical, oft sickeningly hot, tropical beach land that is Puerto. I have nothing but love for the town itself but I must admit my experience was marred slightly by 48 hours of a pretty nasty stomach bug that lead to a gnarly fever for which I was bed-ridden. Womp womp womb. Aside from that, we got a number of gorgeous days of surf in and saw some of the most spectacular sunsets on this side of the globe.

Itโ€™s a small town made even smaller by the fact we spent four days in Brisas de Zicatela (the southern tip) and then four days in Zicatela itself. We donโ€™t have that many specific recs other than we strongly encourage you to check out Punta (Brisas). It feels much more local and thereโ€™s a great surf break for both beginners and advanced surfers. We stayed at the Puerto Surf House which is a sublime slice of heaven, though after more mosquito bites (and possible heat rash) than I could count, we moved on over to Hotel Santa Fe which is straight LUXURY. We dug both. Below are some highlights from our week. Enjoy!

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