Mexico City

Luke works for a dope company. How dope you ask? So dope it allows him some travel time to places on our bucket lists. Over the next month, he and I will be traveling to parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. Our first stop was through Mexico City where we ate real well, devoured endless amounts of color, and marveled at the lush greenery. See some highlights below!

Some favorite spots:

  • Hotel Parque Mexico
  • Condesa neighborhood
  • Roma neighborhood
  • Condesa hotel DF – rooftop bar!
  • Mercado de Artisanias La Ciudadela – stunning market of local art
  • Departmento bar
  • Cabrera 7 restaurant
  • Cafebreria El Pendulo Polanco – gorgeous book store café
  • Lucerna Comedor – permanent food truck stands
  • Taqueria Los Cocuyos – for all you meat eaters
  • Azul restaurant


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