Week of November 6th, 2017

*San Diego, CA * Las Vegas, NV * Grand Canyon, AZ * Monument Valley, AZ *


LV: Photographing the sunrise in Monument Valley. Monument Valley has been at the top of my bucket list of places to visit for years. Hoping to shoot the sunset, we arrived late in the day to a cloudy sky with zero chance of seeing it. Not very happy about this, Willa reminded me we could scrap tomorrow’s plan, stay the night, and hope for the best. Per usual, scrapping the plan and being patient paid off. The sky was beautiful and the light perfect.

WV: What a week! (Do I say that every time? I think I say that every time…) Pool day in Las Vegas with just the two of us was so relaxing (Mirage for the win), our sunrise hike below the rim at Grand Canyon was special because we’ve been a few times and had never managed to do any walking. But, based on the joy Luke got when photographing sunrise in Monument Valley, that’s the moment. As you can see by the head photo of this post, he was a kid in a candy store.


LV: Being grumpy and overly tired in Vegas. I think I was finally kicking my cold and it reared it’s ugly head.

WV: Luke and I got in a tiff when we first arrived to Monument Valley- we had different expectations for the day and failed to communicate them until we were already set on what was to happen. We managed to turn it around by hunkering down in the van, downloading Ghost in the Shell, and eating ramen.

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