Week of November 13th, 2017

*Monument Valley, AZ * Forrest Gump Point, UT * Page, AZ * Horseshoe Bend, AZ * Kanab, AZ * Peek-a-boo Canyon, AZ * Flagstaff, AZ * Sedona, AZ * Tucson, AZ *


LV: Our first night in Flagstaff when we went to the Gopher Hole. We saved money by eating in and then were able to have a great time at a local bar with both pool AND darts. *Cough* I won. *Cough*.

WV: (Luke won ONCE. He won ONCE.) Best part was arriving to Peek-a-boo canyon after that crazy long sand hike… Wow, that felt long. Seeing Horsehoe Bend at sunset and sunrise was also pretty tight.


LV: Being woken up by a Walmart cop and having to leave… We found a great spot however through Allstays that was only fifteen minutes away- in the forest and everything.

WV: Low, low, low, [insert: “Apple bottom jeans” here] I’d say trying to find Peek-a-boo canyon even after knowing it would be difficult. I think we thought for some reason it would just appear for us out of nowhere… it did not.


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