Week of October 30th, 2017

* Los Angeles, California * Laguna Beach, CA * Newport Beach, CA * San Diego, CA *


LV: Last week, one of my oldest friends got married. We went to school together all the way through our undergrad years, graduating in 2011 from USD. It was wonderful being back in SD celebrating with both he and his now wife. On top of that, my parents and all of my high school buddies came down. Dancing and laughing with everyone made last week a blast.

WV: Ooooo, attending a wedding will always rank up there (love me a wedding), going to our first van meetup (woohoo! Thank you @theLadiesVan!) hopping around tide pools is also a magical delight- but you know, I’m going to have to go with seeing our old college buddy, Kendra and her new hubs, Colin. We just spent the entire evening gabbing, laughing and gasping for air because there was not a moment of pause. Plus we ended the night with episode 2 of Stranger Things season 2 and they have a really nice and big TV… ie, how you’re supposed to enjoy ST.


LV: Finding places to park and feeling safe in southern California.  It’s always a driver of anxiety to not know where we’ll sleep.  We want to feel safe and not drive too far out of our way to rest our head.  That combined with finding a place to work has made the last week or so more difficult than usual.  I appreciate all of the friends who have put us up and made this easier on us!

WV: CLOCKS CHANGING. It kills me every time. Like, wait… where’d the light go? THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE until you remember it happened at the exact same time last year.

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