Week of October 23rd, 2017

* Los Angeles, CA * Playa Vista, CA * Santa Monica, CA * Venice Beach, CA * Malibu, Ca * Leo Carillo, CA *


LV: Surfing Leo Carillo- it was the right swell direction and conditions. While it was absolutely freezing, I still had a blast.

WV: Gonna be honest, getting ready for our Halloween celebration on Saturday night. I love (LOVE) dressing up in costume and it had been far too long. I also felt real good about how much the whole outfit cost [insert sneaky emoji face here]. HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HOUSED US THIS WEEK!!! LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE OUTER REACHES OF LOS ANGELES WHICH WE’VE DISCOVERED IS REALLY DAMN FAR. (Jokes. Love you even farther than that.)


LV: We had an ‘exploration day’ planned where we were going to hit up a couple beaches and check out different areas of LA we hadn’t seen yet but it was foiled. We felt terrible for this guy on the beach whose stuff just got completely jacked so we pulled over to help- really glad we did but because he was out of a phone it took longer than expected. Hope it worked out for you, man!

WV: I think just the feeling that we haven’t been out in nature in a while. We haven’t spent this much time in a city let alone such a big one and one we’re already pretty familiar with. I miss the mountains.

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