Week of October 9th, 2017

*Idaho Falls, ID * Pocatello, ID * Salt Lake City, UT * Capitol Reef National Park, UT * Bryce Canyon National Park, UT * Zion National Park, UT *


LV: Watching the sunset at Bryce Canyon. The colors were something we’d been chasing for a while and we kept missing out. We had just had a delicious meal so walking up to that was awesome- plus I snagged some Milky Way shots.

WV: This was the week of National Parks and van lifers! We had the chance to hang out with not one, not two, but three different groups of people living the van life. That in and of itself was wonderful but the highlight was definitely hiking Left Fork trailhead to the Subway in Zion National Park. Not only was it a glorious sunny day (something we’ve missed dearly) but it was just strenuous enough to be a fun challenge. Today, for example, both arms are aaaaching (success!). We listened to the Magicians for about 50% of it and were both transported into the magical world of Fillary #nerds.


LV: The pain in my feet when we went out into the Salt Lake. That was gnarly.

WV: Leaving. Ending such a great day and leg of our trip. Both times we’ve come to Utah my heart aches to see it in our rearview mirror. There’s just something about it… It’s a state built for adventure and who wouldn’t love that?

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