Week of October 16th, 2017

* Zion National Park, Utah * Las Vegas, NV * Seven Magic Mountains, NV * Los Angeles, CA *


LV: Enjoying Vegas with Willa and walking the Strip. We’re kindof big Vegas people so it was definitely a treat- staying in a hotel and all (plus the room only being $49).

WV: Zion was amazing but we hit most of that the week prior- honestly, Vegas. If you’ve spent more than a few minutes around me a couple of things become apparent pretty quickly. One of which is that I’m not much of a night owl (the other is I swear like Samantha Jones and prefer some pretty dark and awkward humor). The exception to this daylight dwelling rule? Las Vegas, baby. Luke and I have been a number of times, the bulk of which occurred in college during the month of May at the Mandalay where his annual fraternity formal took place. This was the first trip to Vegas Luke and I took just the two of us and I’m pretty sure we were giggling nonstop. I’d say the highlight was winning at electronic Black Jack and watching Luke start to think of me as some kind of magical money winning mermaid.


LV: Having a lot of meetings in Zion I had to deal with.

WV: Leaving Utah without knowing when we’d return. That place just has my heart.

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