Week of October 1st, 2017

*New York, New York * Billings, MT * Paradise Valley, MT * Mill Creek Rd, MT * Pray, MT * Chico Hot Springs * Boiling River, Yellowstone * Mammoth Hot Springs, MT * Yellowstone National Park * West Yellowstone, MT * Idaho Falls, ID *


LV: Getting off the plane and seeing Willa in the waiting room. Second high? Chico Hot Springs- it felt so good to be warm.

WV: Oh gosh what a high! For one, I love love LOVE Yellowstone. It holds the most special place in my heart as our Proposal Mini Moon. Two years ago, we spent one night at Yellowstone Under Canvas which happens to be about twenty feet into the state of Montana- a state I’ve always admired- and a few hours into our stay, he asked me to marry him. We revisited this spot last night and I was just a puddle of happy tears. I’m incredibly sentimental so after spending the evening planning out the next few weeks on the property we had our first dinner as an engaged couple, was almost too much to handle.


LV: When I was a curmudgeon on the Mill Creek Trail and stressing about things of little consequence.

WV: My body ached a lot. Pains here and there that I repressed with Advil but I just wish they weren’t there to begin with.

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