Week of September 18th, 2017

* Omaha, NE * Nebraska National Forest- Halsey * Wind Cave National Park, SD * Custer State Park South Dakota * Mount Rushmore, SD * Badlands National Park, SD * Rapid City, SD *


LV: Seeing Emily, my sister. Getting to experience what her life is like as a med school student and watching her follow her dream was awesome.

WV: To be unfair and put two things, seeing my sister-in-law successfully crush medical school put little hearts in my eyes. In terms of van life… cave!!! If there’s ever a cave in the mix, it’s always going to be up there. Think about it… there are entire WORLDS underneath our feet that if left untouched by man, our eyes wouldn’t even be able to SEE. Amazing. The cave itself wasn’t the best one out there but it was Luke’s first so I was enjoying every minute of it. Plus there was this woman that ‘ooh’d and ‘ahh’d at absolutely everything who just made the entire experience that much better.


LV: Lots of time in the car, more than usual.

WV: This is a really pathetic low but hey, when you’re livin’ your dream they usually are. My pink hair is fading quickly… TRY NOT TO JUDGE ME.

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