Week of September 25th, 2017

* Rapid City, SD * Custer State Park, SD * Pactola Reservoir, SD * Deadwood, SD * Devil’s Tower, WY * Bighorn National Forest, WY * Circle Park Trailhead, Bighorn *


LV: This is a tie – Running around Devil’s Tower with Willa taking photos at sunset.  I liked that we arrived, took a dirt road up, relaxed, went on a brief hike, and then the tower turned orange making for an epic view and great shots with my camera.  That’s the kind of thing I’d love to do more of – explore without much direction in the beautiful places we stop. OR our evening in Deadwood.  Starting at a great arcade, watching Willa win in video blackjack and checking out old timey bars (and stealing a pumpkin!).

WV: Dominating the Jurassic Park game at Kodiak’s Arcade in Deadwood. Really the entire Deadwood experience. We were en route to Devil’s Tower when we drove fifteen minutes past town and decided to turn around. We gambled, played darts, listened to live music and just had a generally fantastic date night.


LV: Same night, different time ^. Running around Deadwood before bed trying to find water for the van.  It was a pain, it was cold, and I kept thinking someone was going to come outside and call the cops.

WV: Minor bit of annoyance rather? Not even annoyance…just less than ideal haha. The Circle Park trail looked to be a loop but alas, it was an out-and-back trail. Granted Alltrails told us this but based on what we saw on the map we thought they had been wrong. Lesson learned: trust the website.

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