Van Morrison

Shout out to Van Morrison who gave us quite possibly the easiest #vanlife weekend to date!

Luke and I have had our fair share of difficulties when it comes to finding a place to camp. During our weekend with Morrison we didn’t have a lot of time- try 24 hours to be exact. Rather than devote a handful of hours to cruising through the Northern California red woods looking for a safe (and ticket-free) spot to park, we took to Hip Camp. We found a site nestled in the trees beside a bustling creek and hunkered down. Truly the perfect mini vacation.


  • You can’t drive a stick! Woohoo! Here is the adventure mobile for all of us inept at driving manual (c’mon, you know you don’t love it). Morrison made our weekend incredibly easy to navigate as Luke and I swapped on and off for the driver’s seat.
  • You are doing a lot of driving, hiking, and/ or chillin’. Basically this van is the perfect size for all types of driving and relaxing. The bed transforms into a living room during the day for hang out sessions but it’s also compact for those tricky-to-find parking spots.
  • You want to sit around the camp fire. This van comes with chairs and a great picnic setup. Oh, and uh, the mug you see down below. I was a woman possessed.
  • You landed at the airport with nothing but your clothes. Morrison has all the sheets, the blankets, the pillows, and the plates so you don’t need a thing.
  • Check out the Marin Mountaineer, a very similar van, for other benefits!


  • You need 4WD. Morrison can go down a bumpy road or two but please be kind.
  • You’re traveling with a group for long periods of time. This baby can easily sleep 4- in fact, I want to give it another go just to see that in action #iloveslumberparties. While there’s plenty of snooze room, there wouldn’t be a lot of mobility within the van on a cold rainy night. But if you and your pals are cuddlers, no judgements.

Let us know if you have any questions about your first #vanlife trip! Good luck out there! Click here to view all of GoCamp’s van offerings.

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