Sparkles the Sprinter Van

Drumroll for [my absolute favorite van name of all time] Sparkles the Sprinter van!

I gotta tell it to ya straight… GoCamp’s Sparkles is a dream. Taking a trip with Sparkles feels less like roughing it ‘van life’ style and more like ‘hitting the jackpot/ winning a vacation a la Let’s Make a Deal’. Sparkles is a tricked out Mercedes Sprinter that is arguably bigger than our Brooklyn apartment and definitely better taken care of. The couch leather feels buttery and delicious (definitely just ran my hand over the seat because I could) and the bathroom has it’s own sink, shower and flushable toilet [yesssss]. She drives like a regular ol’ van but she’s a 170 so don’t be fooled by the smooth ride, there’s quite the trunk back there.


  • You’re unsure if #vanlife is for you. Love the freedom of the road but don’t think you can live without the creature comforts of home/ you’ll be able to stand 1:1 time with your partner 24/7 in a confined space? Sparkles has your back. She’s huge AND THERE’S A TV WITH A COLLECTION OF DVDs.
  • The idea of going one weekend without a shower gives you the shivers. For some, having a shower and separate bathroom all setup and ready for you when going on vacation is a non-negotiable (I totally understand this, no judgments here). This van has a working shower and a toilet that flushes. On a weekend trip you will most likely not have to deal with emptying your er, waste so if dealing with this portion of a van rental has been keeping you up at night, you can rest easy.
  • Weather is up in the air. Booking a California trip but have no idea if it will rain buckets or dry you up like a prune? That’s NorCal for you. Sparkles is roomy and comes with plenty of entertainment (the glove box has photobooth masks…for real) you could have a blast without ever leaving the van.
  • You’re snagging a van for something special. Celebrating an anniversary? Want a van for your honeymoon? Stop the searches and let your partner know you’ve found the one. The last thing you want on a romantic/ special getaway is to argue about whose being more selfish with the living quarters. Sparkles takes the pressure off.


  • You want to rough it. All of the above is really pointing to one main point: Sparkles is luxury camping or glamping. If you’re looking for a more rustic experience, there are plenty of other amazing vans for you.
  • You’re nervous about driving a very big vehicle. This is definitely something to seriously consider. I drove our 144 Sprinter pllleeeenty of times but I didn’t actually get behind the wheel of Sparkles for longer than a quick parking job. She’s lengthy. If you’re going to a city and/or aren’t super comfortable with your driving skills, find a confident comrade or skip the 170 and seek out something a bit more nimble.

As always, hit us up with any questions you may have about your first #vanlife trip! Good luck out there! Click here to view all of GoCamp’s van offerings!




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