Week of August 21st, 2017

* Boise, Idaho * Salt Lake City, Utah * Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah * Green River, Utah * Moab, Utah * Big Bend Boulders Moab *


LV: Seeing the most insane sunset at the Salt Flats with absolutely no one around. It was pretty other worldly- beautiful and freeing.

WV: Luke’s going to laugh at me but I think the best part of this week was watching him peruse the aisles of the adventure sports store we hit up to rent bouldering pads. Kid in a candy store doesn’t even come close to the excitement he gets at the prospect of buying new gear. He was falling all over himself to get a new day pack. Oy, this kid.


LV: Incidentally the worst part of this week was about the same time as the best. The turn-off to drive into the Salt Flats is not marked (nor readily available online). We didn’t take the time to refute the Google Maps directions that instructed us to drive an hour and 20 minutes out of our way by going well beyond our destination only to turn around at the first available exit 40 minutes in. Well, we did this and of course, the entrance was actually a fifteen-minute drive from the first gas station we pulled into prior to this hour plus trip. I was not a happy camper.

WV: Ooph, I did this to myself. I was jonesing to go to the West Idaho State Fair which was definitely a magical experience but I made the mistake of lingering around the animals section for a bit too long… the little guys seemed tired and went from cute to slightly disturbing pretty quickly.


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