Our Favorite Clothing Brands for Baby

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I love shopping. Like a lot. Retail therapy is a genuine pastime of mine so I feel #blessed to dress my mini. I wanted to put together a list of my go to websites for baby clothes that fit Wakely’s sunshine vibes. The criteria is simple: bright colors, comfy fabrics, a little off beat. If this sounds like you and your babe, read on.

The Classics

Carters * Gap * Old navy * OshKosh * Target * This crew has been in the game a long time and for good reason. Great for everyday basics, swimsuits, t-shirts, pajamas, accessories, all the things.

CottonOn Kids– I’m a new Cotton On fan and I am SO into their stuff. Fabulous hats, swimsuits, t-shirts, and more.

CottonOn Kids

Kate Quinn– Inexpensive organic cotton in dusty pastels.

Kate Quinn

Best for Pajamas

Hannah Anderson– They do much more than just pajamas but they are our FAVORITE pajamas. Once you snag one, you won’t stop there.

Magnetic Me– Pajamas that close with magnets instead of buttons or zippers… ease is the name of the game.

Magnetic Me

Primary– A friend turned me onto Primary not too long ago and they are amazing for so many things – tights, swimsuits, outerwear, and yes, pajamas. Their whole thing is COLOR so you KNOW I’m about that life.


Posh Peanut– The softest pajamas (they refer to them as one-pieces) your tot will ever wear. They are a bit thinner and more delicate than others but the patterns are very sweet and oh so cozy.

Posh Peanut

Variety of Brands

Amazon Great for pajamas, hats, and general baby gear when in a rush. Linked is my list of favorite items, including the below sweater we’re obsessed with.

OUR FAVORITE AMAZON ITEM. There are two versions of this sweater shown above and we have two of each – light pink, mustard, tan, and navy.

SpearmintLove– If all of our clothes had to come from one site, it would be this one. Everything they source is precious. Prices definitely vary.


Maisonette– Beautifully curated collection of clothes, toys, and decor.


Best for Rompers

Mini Olie– Adorable sweatshirts and sweaters.

Mini Olie

At Noon Store- Their sweatshirt rompers are 👌.

At Noon Store

Mudpie – Great sales and holiday items.

Mud Pie

Best for Accessories

Vans– Best fitting and fun-colored shoes out there.


Carhartt– Wakely loves beanies and Carhartts are her fave.


Happy Socks– Fun socks make an outfit.

Happy Socks

Bunny Knots– Great fitting headwraps with a variety of colors that keep baby’s hair out of her face and actually stay on her head.

Best for Vintage

Etsy– Okay so we all know Etsy but have you used Etsy for vintage baby stuff before? Give it a look.


Poshmark– Poshmark is great to search for specific second hand items and just doing a little searching and finding one that matches your price point. You can get great deals.


Facebook Marketplace- I should really put this at the top. Bringing in a new baby and don’t want to spend a ton? Search for “lots” of clothing. You can usually find something local and get a whole bunch of stuff.

This was only a portion of a lot I bought for $50.

I’ll do my best to add new favorites as I find them!

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