Creating a Five Year Plan

Happy 2020, everyone!

As mentioned in my recent Instagram post, I started writing the bones of a five year plan yesterday (me?! Love a plan? Wild) and it got me both giddy with anticipation yet anxious for all the things that may never be. Luke and I want many things from life – some that lead down very different paths while others have the potential to converge – and it’s a daunting task to squeeze it all in. As we mentally (and physically) prepare for parenthood, our priorities will undoubtedly shift but I want to capture our dreams and our goals right now, pre-bb, so we have them to return to. Very few things go exactly as planned but I’ve always found this kind of reflection invaluable (not to mention occasionally hilarious to look back on and see how batsh*t crazy we once were.). I know I’m not alone in wanting to capitalize on the beauty of a new decade, so I’m posting the outline, Creating a Five Year Plan below.

Click this link to download the doc to your computer. While I did give it a read through, please excuse any typos or awkward phrasing- I got really excited, typed for a long time, and then just wanted it out into the world.

Luke and I will start this whole thing with a casual conversation (step 1) and then move into creating our individual lists in our own time. No rush, no pressure, just allowing items to pop up naturally before coming together and seeing how we can work as a team to bring our dreams to life. Here’s hoping and enjoy!

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