Week of September 4th, 2017

* Breckenridge, CO * Vail, CO * Denver, CO * Upper Mohawk Lake near Breckenridge * Lake Dillon, CO * Breckenridge Ski Resort * Aspen, CO * Carbondale, CO * Crystal Mill, Carbondale * Maroon Bells, Aspen * Penny Hot Springs, Carbondale


LV: The last hike we took in Breck was great- we just wandered and took photos. Of course also seeing my buddies in Denver. It had been far too long but once back together, it’s like nothing has changed. I think sunrise at the Maroon Bells might take it. I’m kind of a rule abider so after a high anxiety night stressing over whether where we camped was legal or not, waking up to that incredible view was so rewarding.

WV: [I spaced and combined Labor Day weekend with this weekend, so I’m taking two!] First high- going to our buddy Rory’s childhood hot spot in Breckenridge and watching the boys duke it out in Ninja Turtles (plus, uh, me schooling Luke in Skee Ball.) Second high: another serendipitous meeting! On the hike toward Crystal Mill (4.5 miles in and then you need to hike it back out), a kind dude named Scott pulled over to let us know there was a bear up the road. Me being the brazen individual that I am, asked if we could hop in. He obliged and we spent about an hour (bless his soul) in great conversation about the outdoors until we arrived at our destination. We hope to see Scott again soon!


LV: On our descent from Maroon Bells, going over a speed bump we felt and heard a knock that appeared to wiggle the steering. I spent all of Sunday researching the problem which fortunately lessened our worries but was still a damper on an amazing weekend.

WV: Emptying our pockets in Denver. We really let loose. (To be clear, the Denver trip was fabulous and so necessary but your van budget tends to go out the window in big cities.) Oh oh and missing Hanging Lake because it was closed for maintenance.

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