Week of August 28th, 2017

* Moab, Utah * Arches National Park * Mill Creek Trail and Waterfall * Corona Arch * Double O Arch * Canyonlands National Park * Moab Under Canvas *


LV: When we spontaneously decided to camp out below Corona Arch waiting for the stars to come out so we could shoot the milky way. The sunset over the canyon was beautiful and we made two new buddies that left a lasting impression on us.

WV: 100%, no contest, snuggling up at Corona Arch with Luke while Montana Lee Photography snapped pictures of our day. I love the idea of documenting everything and knowing that we are in such a fleeting time of our lives when everything is about coming and going was such a beautiful thing to capture. Plus, Luke is noooot about PDA so it was my time to revel in it. Montana was a magician when it came to making our awkward play fights look like sexy love fests.


LV: The night we barely got any sleep because the desert temperature decided not to drop. No AC… it was a tricky one.

WV: Paying $33 for an RV park just because it supplied us with laundry and showers. When push comes to shove and you have to figure out what is more affordable, it’s so easy to just do what’s most convenient.

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